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Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms originate from Texas, hence their name “Texas Yellow Caps”. They are best known for their dual purposes, as they can provide users with a shamanistic and hallucinogenic trip. Consuming these shrooms will provide an enlightenment like never experienced before, which are perfect for both experienced and first time users. Users often experience a natural trip, with more connection to their spiritual self and the universe.

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Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms are a unique magic mushroom, because they offer a dual experience for mushroom trippers. They  often provide a user with enlightenment and also a naturalistic trip. frank magic mushroom shop is proud to say that our ShroomShop can possess such an exquisite strain. They contain psilocybin and psilocin, which is the active compound that is responsible for their psychedelic and hallucinogen properties. They’re known as “golden cap shrooms” or “gold cap shrooms” simply because their caps are often a light golden color.

What to expect on Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms
When people take Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms, they often experience a compound effect due to the fact that these golden capped mushrooms contain more than just Psilocybin. They contain host of other psychoactive molecules, including psilocin, baeocystin, and norbaeocystin. Because of this, Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms can provide an “entourage effect” which means that it’s experience will be significant for its psychotropic effects.

How long are the effects of Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms?
Each magic mushroom trip is different because it depends on the amount of food you have eaten, as well as your size and tolerance to magic mushrooms. Generally, you should experience a trip duration of 6-8 hours, with a dosage of 2.5-4 grams of this strain. After the comedown, it is common to feel prolonged connection of the world, as well as more empathy and understanding which may last for a lifetime.

Peak effects usually occur 45-60 minutes after ingesting mushrooms. Some users may experience a change in how they think about time, people and things. Many mushroom connoisseurs report that they feel intense happiness and a connection to the universe. For first time users, we recommend to take around 1.5 grams of Texas Yellow Caps magic mushrooms and then increasing your dosage every 45-60 minutes if necessary.

Can you get addicted?
Magic Mushrooms are great because they are not known to be addictive. Scholarly articles and current literature states that Psilocybin cubensis may actually contain therapeutic benefits, and can help treat patients suffering from a number of ailments. Depression, anxiety, grief, and coping with the end of life are just some of the problems that therapists and psychiatrists are treating with the help of magic mushrooms. For more information, check out here.


Developed in 1998 by an amateur mycologist within the community. The strain has its origins from the Texas Orange Cap mushrooms which were a domesticated version of the wild Texan Cubensis strain.


Great psilocybe cubensis strain that is perfect for beginners. They offer a psychedelic effect without going too deep into a trip.


Known to help users gain some enlightenment and get in touch with nature while experiencing warm visuals. These mushrooms are great for a spiritual journey.

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