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Super Thai magic mushroom is found in Koh Samui, a beautiful and small island in the south of Thailand. It is said that this strain was first named and brought to the west by ethno-mycologist John Allen 1991.Super Thai is a P. cubensis mushroom species aka P. Samuiensis. There are 3 popular magic mushroom species that originate from within Thailand. Koh Samui, Ban Hua and Thannon. Super Thai is a hybrid of Ban Hua and Thannon.

Super Thai magic magic mushrooms are a well known and well loved magic mushroom that can offer life changing experiences. These little beauties are considered a potent cube.

Super Thai Psychedelic Mushroom For Sale – Anywhere

Taking Super Thai in micro dose will expand your mind, bit by bit, kaizen style. This strain promotes problem solving, improves motivation, increases flow states and puts you in a happy mood.Known to be an extremely potent strain. It is recommended for experienced users. order Super Thai magic mushroom online at very good and affordable price, Discreet shipment anywhere
Effects of Super Thai

Once it kicks in, the high seems to be quite pleasant as described by many who take it for the first time in Koh Phangan. It can be an amazing (some say life-changing) experience. Magic mushrooms have this ability to affect everyone differently. If you are new to mushrooms be careful and err on the side of caution! As always, be careful mixing these shrooms with other psychoactive substances like alcohol or marijuana.

*Micro: 0.25 gram
* Low: 0.25 – 1 gram
* Medium: 1 – 2 gram
* Strong: 2.5 – 5 gram
* Heavy: 5 gram and upwards


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