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Panama shrooms are unique to their Central American cubensis lineage. They are extremely fast colonizers with nice, meaty fruit caps. The Panama cubensis was originally found in a magnificent Panama City Hotel. The rich volcanic soil, and the Panamanian rainforest are a perfect habitat for this sought after variety.

Panama magic mushrooms are unique, due to the immense biodiversity found in the word. They wet tropical season make Panama it’s vast network for life. We are sure their are more stellar Panama magic mushrooms lingering in the forest with such fertile ground.

It is an excellent strain if you are looking for an intense visual trip with your friends. Taking 1g to 2.5g of this potent mushroom can get you a long way.


Panama shrooms are moderately potent. They are quite spiritual and offer light to medium visuals for most users. Panama cubensis is known for their friendly, uplifting, spiritual effects leading it to be a great choice for medicating and mood change.

Panama magic mushrooms leave most people to feel refreshed the next day, with not much of a let down.

Panama cubensis is also a great choice for many people who feel the initial nausea sometimes brought on by magic mushrooms. If that has been an issue in the past, then perhaps you should look at Panama shrooms.

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