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Mexican Cubensis Magic Mushrooms, the best strain for beginners

Mexican Magic Mushrooms This is an easy strain for beginners to experiment with because they have an easy onset of effects with a clean come down. If you are new to magic mushrooms, then it is suggested to try this strain, as their impact on the body is usually gentle. You will still experience the typical trip of magic mushrooms while taking them though. For example, a regular trip on this strain includes effects of happiness, laughter and elation with mild hallucinations. 

The Correct Way to Take Mexican Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

Mexican P. Cubensis are known for their for their light hallucinogenic effects. It is recommended to take a dose of 3.5-5 grams to feel their light effects. If you wish to have a more substantial trip, then try to increase your mount to 5-10 grams. Please note that each dosage is dependent on body size, tolerance and food consumption. We recommend to start with a smaller dose at first and then increase your amount as you feel comfortable.

These mushrooms are typically taken by chewing and swallowing them. If you do not like the taste, then another popular way to take mushrooms is to prepare them in a drink. Some users take these mushrooms by mixing them with lemon juice, which helps break down the active compound Psilocybin into Psilocin. This method is referred to as “Lemon-Tekking“. You can learn more about how to Lemon Tek here.

After ingesting your Mexican Cubensis Magic Mushrooms, you should generally feel its effects Remember 30-60 minutes after.

What to expect after taking Mexican Cubensis Magic Mushroom

This strain is known for having a shorter trip than other magic mushroom strains. You should generally feel the onset 30-60 minutes after taking then, with a peak around 2 hours after. Usual magic mushroom trips last anywhere from 8-12 hours, but this strain should last you for 6-8 hours.

Most users experience a trip that is filled with fun, happiness and laughter. It is common for users to have uplifting thoughts and more refined beliefs about the world, religion and the universe. If you are looking to find profound and heartfelt understandings about the world, then this magic mushroom strain is perfect for you.

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