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We Want To Provide USA with The Best Psilocybin Mushrooms
frankmagicmushroomshop is an online dispensary with a team of individuals who want to provide USA with the best magic mushrooms. frankmagicmushroomshop carries the best magic mushroom strains, from Penis Envy to Golden Teachers and much more. We are the leading magic mushroom dispensary in USA, with a passion for all of the power and benefits that magic mushrooms offer.

Our Passion of USA Magic Mushroom Strains
Our story at frankmagicmushroomshop started in British Columbia, with a passion of magic mushrooms. We started frankmagicmushroomshop so that we could provide USA with the best quality strains with the best pricing. Some of our favourite products for you include the infamous strains Penis Envy, Blue Meanies and Golden Teachers. Penis Envy, Blue Meanies and Golden Teachers are all strains that offer the best Psilocybin and Hallucinogenic effects.

Search Our Best Magic Mushroom Strains, such as Penis Envy and Golden Teachers from USA
At our frankmagicmushroomshop, you can browse all of the best quality magic mushroom strains. Buy our hallucinogenic and psychedelics shrooms, as they are the best Psilocybin products to buy in USA.

Our Fungiculturists are the best in the world.

They have dedicated their lives to growing the best mushrooms in the world. We harness their passion and hard work to bring those mushrooms to the masses. 

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